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Combining Procedures

It is not uncommon for people to undergo more than one procedure at once. Typically a breast and body combination sometimes known as a 'Mummy Makeover'. The benefit of this is that there is only one recovery period which can suit people who are juggling work and home commitments with taking time out for a recovery period. Conversely, undergoing more than one procedure at once means your recovery and procedure length can be longer. We always assess this on a care by case basis in terms of suitability.


Honest, patient and kind. I knew what I wanted to look like but not how to do it and Mr Topping gave me time to discuss all the the options with honest feedback about the potential results and any issues. I went into surgery fully confident I had made the best decision and the results prove that. I am delighted with the results and feel that Mr Topping gave me all the information I needed whilst he provided the results with expertise and professionalism.

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What are the common combinations?

A "Mummy Makeover" refers to a combination of cosmetic surgical procedures that are designed to address and rejuvenate the physical changes that often occur in a woman's body following pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. While the specific procedures can vary based on individual needs and goals, a typical Mummy Makeover may include a combination of breast enhancement (such as breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction), tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and liposuction. For some people who have a combined procedure, this may be an arm or thigh lift in combination with a tummy tuck. We can discuss this in detail at your consultation.

It's important to note that a 'Mummy Makeover' is a customisable set of procedures, and the specific combination will depend on the individual's concerns and goals.


About the operation

The duration of combined procedures can vary depending on the specific combination of procedures chosen, the complexity of the surgeries, and individual patient factors. These surgeries can can take anywhere from four to six hours, but this is an estimate and the actual time may be shorter or longer.

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What are the possible complications?

Like the individual procedures, having combined procedures carries potential risks and complications. While many individuals undergo these procedures without major issues, it's essential to be aware of possible complications, which can include infections at surgical sites requiring antibiotic treatment, and possible excessive bleeding, necessitating intervention. Despite efforts to minimise scarring, all surgeries result in some degree of scarring, varying based on procedures and individual healing responses. Changes in nipple or breast sensation may occur, with improvement over time or permanence in some cases. Fluid accumulation may need drainage, and delayed wound healing is possible, especially in tension areas. Achieving perfect symmetry is challenging, resulting in subtle differences in breast size or shape.


When can I get back to work?

Recovering from these procedures varies based on procedures, individual responses, and health. Generally, the process unfolds in phases. The initial days focus on managing discomfort, swelling, and bruising, with prescribed pain medication and limited physical activity. In the first week, patients rest, attend follow-up appointments, and may have drainage tubes removed. Over 2 to 6 weeks, light activities gradually resume, while strenuous exercises are restricted. Full recovery, taking several weeks to months, allows a return to regular activities, guided by postoperative instructions.

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